The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds as we get to meet the extended members and their happily ever after. And I’m sure I had mentioned innumerable times that this series is one of my top favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift-kind of books, and I keep revisiting this series every time my heart craves some danger and romance all rolled into one.


Book 14 of the series, “Dangerous Protector” opens with an explosion bringing Aaron Fitzpatrick closer to Tegan O’Kelly as her protector. Having left a past best forgotten, Tegan finally places roots in Miami, but a past buried deep underground seems to have woken from the dead…literally! Someone wants Tegan dead, and Aaron is making sure that it never happens on his watch.

With circumstances keeping these two under one roof, it’s only a matter of time before they succumb to their attraction and let the desire blaze between the sheets. Two strong, independent and good individuals come together to face a deadly threat and come out strong as one.

Another captivating and short story revolving around Red Stone Security, “Dangerous Protector” is a quick and fast read, satisfying and fulfilling a readers thirst for danger, romance, lust and happy endings.

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.