Rachel Lacey, since her first book, has been one of my feel-good-go-to authors that I adore and love reading. Her new series, “Risking It All” had a rocking start with a short story “Rock With You” (Carly and Sam’s love story), and now the actual series starts off in the little town of Haven with “Run To You”.

As an Olympic gold medalist Ethan Hunter may have lived a celebrated life, but his soul and life belongs in his hometown of Haven. Starting “Off-The-Grid-Adventures” with his childhood friends Mark and Ryan and to make a success of it is his goal now, and of course taking care of his grandmother Dixie is on the top of his list. Saving a beautiful angel from a hornet of yellow jackets was definitely not on his agenda nor is the first stirrings of attraction in his heart.


Gabby Winters stay in Haven is supposed to be a little slice of heaven and a safe haven to take charge of her life and rediscover herself. Getting swarmed by yellow jackets and landing on her ass in the lake, and getting rescued by a hottie was not even part of her wildest dreams. Yet here she was, not only being rescued by Ethan Hunter, but ends up being in the charade of dating him to make his ailing grandmother happy.

Gabby is one of the most helpful and kind women that we come across, and Ethan as the doting grandson and a boyfriend is the kind of guy you want on your side. Rachel Lacey does a brilliant job of creating these two characters with so much care and love, you can’t but help falling in love with these two, as they struggle to overcome their fears and insecurities, pain and loss, separation and heartache.

With a barrage of helpful Haven citizens, supporting friends, and magical touch adding that extra oomph and charm “Run To You” is a great beginning to Rachel’s new series. The extra attention to details and the very small touches of warmth, self talks and thoughts spanning the pages, this is one love story you want to have a happy ending.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing), via NetGalley for an honest review.