“Wanting It All”, the second in the Naked Men Series is my first read of Christi Barth and boy did I not enjoy it to my heart’s content! As unusual as the concept of six high school friends defying death and keeping their relationship alive and well into their present life is temptation reading right there. And add podcast and live telecast of their feelings and thoughts, as naked as the can be, is just pure pleasure reading.


Knox Davis is the savvy computer genius, billionaire business magnate and a charmer of women in all the United States of America barring three states. Having grown up poor and seeing his mother struggle to give him a decent education and live, he’s made a vow to become so rich for many lifetimes to come, and keep his mother in a lap of luxury and he’s succeeded and more. He lives for his friends and would die for him. So when resident of Alaska Ms. Madison Abbot literally gets saved by Knox, little does he realize that forget about adding Alaska to his list of conquests, it’s his heart that needs all the protection in the world.

Madison Abbot comes to DC with a mission to find her partner for life a stepbrother that she hadn’t even existed until recently. Getting saved by Knox was not on her list of tourist attractions, yet she keeps him in her list of Mr. Right probable. Spending time with him threatens her heart and the attraction that sparks the fire between them sure takes them on a roller coaster ride of passion, insecurities and fears. But Madison is one stubborn and determined woman, and making Knox her life partner and to have a family that she never had is her mission now.

I must say that this book caught me off guard with its humor and wit, the strong and unbreakable relationship of six brothers that cheated death and lived to become heroes, the immense strength and support for each other is the foundation of the Naked Men Series, and Christi Barth did a super brilliant job of achieving that chemistry in the story. I had to go buy the first book “Risking It All”, after reading Knox’s story and am just as charmed and captivated with the plot and narration.

I am totally hooked line and sinker into the Naked Men, and cannot wait to read the stories of the others as they find the love of their lives. And the covers are gorgeous!!!!

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group –Loveswept, via NetGalley for an honest review.