This is one author who doesn’t need an introduction, writes some amazing stories with some awesome characters, and there’s always some wicked passion that is out of this world!!!!

And book one “Twisted Up” in her new two books series Taking Chances, is just as romantic, wickedly sexy and full of witty dialogues that gets our heats in a twist with warmth and passion as Erin Nicholas takes us on a ride to Chance, Nebraska, the little town infamous for its tornados year after year!


As the Fire Chief and Head of Management of Emergency Management, Avery Sparks is a pro at handling disasters. But Jake Mitchell is one resident of Chance that she cannot seem to handle. Jake Mitchell had places to go and disasters to recover and as a nationally recognizable disaster recovery specialist, he’s supposed to be heading to DC.

But a tornado called Avery sparks old passion and as they both fire up the barn, a real tornado rips through Chance bringing Avery and Jake to work closely with each other. They are more than capable of handling emergencies together, but will they be able to handle the disaster that is their hearts and overcome the fears and uncertainties is altogether another storm.

This is why I love Erin Nicholas!!! She pays detailed attention in penning a story that makes you go through a whole gauntlet of emotions, be it Avery’s past and the impact on her present, the equation between Jake’s parents and Avery, or the chemistry and relationship between Avery and Jake – every single emotion is written to perfection for me. And unless her books are read, the full impact of her humor, passion, romance or her characters can never be understood or enjoyed to the fullest.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.