I’ve been reading a lot of new series by some of my favorite writers and here’s one from Marina Adair’s basket of romance. Destiny Bay Series starts off with it’s first, “Last Kiss Of Summer” as it brings Kennedy Sinclair to its charm and warmth, far away from home, to start fresh as the owner for a bakery called Sweetie Pies, and lay some roots to call a home.


And the resident Mr. Hotness, Luke Callahan wants to take his cider business and Penalty Box to the next level with his partner, and he needs Kennedy’s apples that she ends up owning along with the Pie shop. And the fact that it was sold to Kennedy by his mother and aunt without his knowledge doesn’t sit well with him. Achieving his dream has just become a bit more deliciously complicated with Kennedy in the equation.

Amidst all the activity of Pie competitions, apple picking, and residents trying to decide whether Kennedy can become Destiny Bay’s new resident, Luke and Kennedy succumb to the attraction that sparked between them and status of his cider business may change the love equation between these two.

Another great start to the series, “Last Kiss Of Summer” makes you chuckle, ties up your heart in strings, makes you fall in love with the wonderful residents and their quirkiness, and gives you a feeling of belonging to a family. Marina Adair did a super fine job penning Luke and Kennedy with their human fears and insecurities as they figure out if they can have their happy ending.

Received an ARC from Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.