I’ve read Tracy Wolff before and her Ethan Frost Series is one of my all time favorites. If that series is dark, intense, powerful and dangerous, her new series is the complete opposite with loads of pun and humor, wit and charm, warmth and romance.


Co-written by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski, the Ft. Worth Wranglers Series starts off with “Lyric And Lingerie”. As charming, sexy and fun is the title; the story is equally mesmerizing, funny and ultra sweet as the astrophysicist Lyric Wright meets her childhood heartbreaker Heath Montgomery, the star quarterback.




Between the stars and quantum physics, fate and destiny, romance and wooing, Heath tries to convince Lyric that she is his soul mate and Lyric in her very nerdy and analytical scientific way tries to convince Heath that being sex partners is better than married partners, wanting to give her heart a break from the second time around.



The story flows so seamlessly that it’s impossible to believe that it had been co-written by two of the best bestselling authors around. The entire opening scene along with the plane ride is the highlight for me as well as Cherry Cherry (gotta read to know who or what Cherry Cherry is). Heath and Lyric were created with perfection and they were just perfect for each other. Tracy and Katie wove magic with their pen as they penned dialogue after dialogue that makes you laugh so hard, paying attention to the emotions, fears and insecurities of these two love birds.


“Lyric And Lingerie” has to be read to enjoy its perfection to the fullest and words do not do justice to another brilliant love story from Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski.


Received an ARC from the authors for an honest review and as part of the blog tour.