“What an odd feeling it was to want to slap a man and kiss him at the same time. Only Aidan Thorne had ever made her think that way….” That’s Aiden Thorne for you – one of the elite of the LCR Elite, handsome, sexy and a sinfully deadly operative, with a past that haunts him and places the people he loves in danger.

“Just because she looked like candy sprinkles on an ice cream sundae didn’t mean she was delicate…” the beautiful and resilient Anna Bradford has endured enough pain and torture to last her many lifetimes. Delicate flower she is not, but a child psychologist she definitely is, placing all her energy and passion in helping children and jumping into the frying pan to save the ones she cares with all her heart.


The disappearance of her colleague brings Anna to Aiden as Aiden is searching for a past that he needs to bury to move on with his future. And this little incident manifests into a dangerous ride of betrayal, death and the momentous truth of love that was meant to be.

“Running Wild” is another brilliant romantic suspense by Christy Reece in her LCR Elite Series and Aiden has held a super special place in the hearts of the readers and giving him his happily ever after is just icing on the cake. The incorporation of the sub plot is a great twist as is the reality behind Aiden’s past. And as the plot gets more evil and twisted, Christy never loses her grip of narration, nor does she lose sight of developing the relationship between Aiden and Anna.

And I have to reiterate the fact that a review definitely doesn’t do justice to her novels. Her books have to be read to endure the evil, live in the emotions, savor the passion and root for her flawed characters with her flawless writing!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.