If you are a book fanatic and haven’t read Erin Nicholas, you are definitely missing out on reading an amazingly talented writer! She is known to pen some mesmerizing stories with some awesome characters, with doses of emotions and thoughtfulness and some wickedly sinful passion that is out of this world!!!!

A new series, new characters and a new level of narration, completely engrossing, completely charming and completely engaging is “Completely Yours”, book one of Erin Nicholas’s new series “Opposites Attract”.

I’ll save you the spiel on the story, and give my two cents as to what caught my attention and why I really, really, really liked, no loved this story, Zach Ashley and Kiera Connelly all together. The whole concept of meeting at a Comic-Con and weaving in a disaster to bring EMT Zach racing over to help and having Kiera support him with her comic-con language is a delicious treat to read.


Developing Zach as the guy who wants to fix all problems, be in the middle of everything, wanting to know everything that happens with his family, always in control of a situation, takes patience, immense creativity and a brilliant narration to pass it on to the readers via words and thoughts. To his ying, Erin brings in Kiera as the yang, calm and collected, reserved and introvert, a gaming fanatic who actually is the creator of a popular online game, understands the nuances of life, of letting people solve their own problems and that caring for the ones we love doesn’t mean to suffocate them and solve all their issues.

“Completely Yours” is one of Erin’s finest writing so far as she takes Zach through his frustrations and insecurities, giving Kiera a guy who cares very much with a heart of gold and would lay down his life for loved ones, and most importantly weaving in the fact that an online game can be a platform of healing for so many people out there, sharing fears and issues, with no judgments.

And to be honest, reviews do not do justice to Zach Ashley, Kiera Connelly and their creator Erin Nicholas – this story is to be read to fully enjoy the impact of the dialogue, humor, relationships and the chemistry between all characters and as Zach and Kiera work out their own relationship….maybe with the help of a fictional world!

Very well played Erin Nicholas!

“Completely Yours” can be completely yours on December 20, 2016

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.