Stacey Lynn hooks me to the “Fireside Series”! Not only is she good with keeping the plot interesting, she’s managed to place emotions and romance in good sequence making her stories pretty captivating.


“His To Cherish” is heart wrenching and heartwarming story of loss and pain, faith and hope and support and care of family and friends as Aidan Deveraux goes through the worst pain that a father can go through. As he tries to survive the loss of his own flesh and blood, it’s not easy to get over the anger and the guilt.

As a witness to the tragedy and a friend of Aidan, Chelsea Dwyer tries to be the shoulder to lean on and a friend to lend an ear and help ease the pain of loss. And it’s up to Aidan to realize that it’s important to protect and cherish what’s been given to him. That hope and love can still be a part of their future.

“His To Cherish” is a very good read that tugs our heartstrings and warms our hearts with the love and care of those around and that amidst the loss, a future can be created and cherished. Stacy Lynn has given Aidan and Chelsea a good in depth character as they navigate through the fears and loss.

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.