I love Jill Sanders and her Pride Series is one of top favorites. And now nothing like going to the other extreme of enjoying a mystery, psychic powers and a series that leaves us with goose bumps and more questions than answers.


“The Beckoning” is book 2 in her Entangled Series, continues the mystery surrounding Hidden Creek, Georgia. Breanna seems to be waking up in places that she’s never been to and seeing events that may happen in the future. Visions of Ethan and with an excuse to use her investigative journalism to research some occurrences, Brea ends up in Hidden Creek. And the mystery, the eerie events, and the past that seems to flow into the present, only makes this story even more intriguing and captivating.

Make sure that the series is read in sequence starting with “The Awakening” as all the characters are connected by the central plot of the series…. a disappearance and the events that seem to bring all the characters together, including the parents. With individual love stories incorporated into the main plot, Jill Sanders keeps the narration thrilling and totally spine-chilling.

Received an ARC from the author/publisher for an honest review.