Size matters!!! There’s no doubt about it. But it all comes down to acceptance with confidence and personality. To women everywhere, of any size or shape (me included ;)), Alison Bliss’s latest release, “Size Matters” is a roller coaster ride of fun, wit and sweet romance as Sam Cooper woos Leah Martin into his life forever.

Successful business and bakery owner Leah Martin has curves that some men would die for, but convincing her that she is beautiful is a monumental task that Sam Cooper takes a personal interest and inevitably ends up becoming her fake fiancé. And the fun starts.


You can’t but root for Leah with her positive attitude to life, patient as she deals with her perfectly imperfect mother, overprotective brothers and her loving and supportive father. And add in Sam to the equation, and he’s a temptation that she can’t refuse and can become addicted to very fast.

Sam Cooper seems to put his foot in the mouth every time he’s around Leah and when circumstances give him the title of Leah’s fiancé, his world is turned upside down with double addictions – Leah and her baking!

A first read for me of Alison Bliss, “Size Matters” was a total surprise package that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Leah and Sam are just adorable in their arguments as they try not to hurt each other, avoiding their feelings for each other even as they fall head over heals in love, and the family gathering is just one big laughable and laudable encounter.

I definitely will be reading more of Alison Bliss and can’t wait for the next installment in her “A Perfect Fit” series.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.