If anyone hasn’t read “The Naked Men” series, you are missing out on a fabulous and entertaining saga of love stories written by Christi Barth…. of five friends, blood brothers since teenagers, partners in death and life, bachelors who have fallen to their knees in love…and Christi Barth totally rocks these romances.


Third in the series, “Giving It All” has the wanderlust Logan Marsh rethinking his life, putting down roots and reconcile with the surprise that life has thrown at him in the form of a half-sister. With a passion for saving lives and helping in disaster zones, Logan has been around and about. But a chance meeting with his high school crush in the midst of a storm, sure has him longing for roots and a love that has his friends knocked his friends senseless.

Brooke Gallagher cannot believe that fate has thrown Logan Marsh into her path, taking her into a storm of passion and emotions. Going on a vacation to heal from a tragic past, reacquainting with Logan and acting on her feelings since being a teenager seems more like a vacation and a stress buster.

But before they can really think of a future together, Logan has a few things to take care and reconcile with his feelings that Brook comes first than anything else. And Christi Barth does exactly that with amazing clarity and depth as she explores the fears and insecurities, the battle of words and feelings eloquently penned, the chemistry among the Naked Men, so beautifully depicted with unconditional strength and support, and the most important thing of being there in life and death.

The entire series should be read to enjoy these Naked Men, as they open up their hearts and feelings to the outside world, baring themselves to the world of their fears and insecurities, laying the fact that successful and rich men do have their own issues and that life is just one happy place because you have the money.

I am totally hooked line and sinker into the Naked Men, and cannot wait to read the stories of the others as they find the love of their lives.

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group –Loveswept, via NetGalley for an honest review.