Catherine Bybee is one of the most beautiful and entertaining writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading and re-visiting several times. Her new series “The Most Likely To Series” stars three childhood friends and their lives, as life takes them on different paths, and yet they all come to a crossroads where they converge and support each other through the touch times. Sometimes, friends are all the family we need, as Bybee says.


Book two of the series; “Staying For Good” brings Zoe back to Riverbend for her best friend’s wedding, and to Luke. For a person who was voted as most likely not to leave Riverbend, she has not only left Riverbend, but also made a name for herself as a famous chef. Yet coming back brings back bad as well as good memories and getting close to Luke hopefully will outweigh the bad.

Luke’s life is in Riverbend, as a mechanic running his Dad’s workshop and content with his life until Zoe returns and everything seems to zap with energy, chemistry, lust and passion. But with Zoe’s family history and a load of fears and insecurities marring their relationship, Luke is willing to follow Zoe to the ends of the earth.

Another story by Catherine Bybee with love and passion, the evolutions of Zoe from an abused teenager to a woman of success, strength and courage, her past not shadowing her ability to be kind, generous and a good friend, “Staying For Good”, is a brilliant read.

Another charming and captivating read from the effervescent Catherine Bybee!!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.