“Saved By Darkness” book six in Katie Reus’s Darkness series is just as fiery as the love that Ian McCabe had been cheated of, decades ago. Held prisoner and blackmailed into leaving Ian and to protect him decades ago, Fiona O’Riley finally breaks ties with a family that betrayed her and makes a life on the outskirts of the Stravos pack, unknown to Ian.


Half-demon half shifter, Ian McCabe will go to the end of the realm to keep Fiona safe and alive. And someone with an evil plan is killing humans to rule the world and he’ll do his duty of protecting the innocent along with the Stravos pack. Fiona only loved one and that is Ian. She’ll defy everything to be with him even if her days are numbered. She’ll protect Ian until her last breath and will stand against the evil that’s tearing up the world.

“Saved By Darkness” has so much action that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as the good fight against the evil. Fiona and Ian make a formidable pair as they finally get together to fight against the very people that they share their own blood.

Katie Reus is one brilliant writer of paranormal and all her books are just fabulous reads. It’s always a pleasure as the previous characters make an appearance, as one clan, supporting each other, looking out for each other, within the boundaries of their clans, yet protecting the innocent.
Received an ARC from KR Press LLC via Netgalley for an honest review