Rachel Lacey, since her first book, has been one of my feel-good-go-to authors that I adore and love reading. Her new series, “Risking It All” had a rocking start with a short story “Rock With You” (Carly and Sam’s love story), and the actual series started off in the little town of Haven with “Run To You” and now the latest coming in March 2017, “Crazy For You” will have Emma Rush riding the wild side of Ryan Blake.


Her last name may be Rush, but she is one good girl that everyone wants to be friends with. But Emma Rush wants to shake things up, and who better than to Ryan Blake to take her on the wild side of Haven. With the dreams of getting the degree that she never had a chance to do, and owning her own landscaping business, Emma wants to have a few wild days before she leaves Haven. Her attraction to Ryan only sparks her friends to dare Emma into having a fling with him.

Ryan Blake always had Emma in his heart since he arrived in Haven, and Emma’s persistence to have an affair with no strings attached only spurs his attraction and want to be the person to explore the wild side with her. Teaching her rock climbing, spending time with her, being supportive of her getting a tattoo, only deepens his feelings for her and scares the hell out of him.

But then this is the wild ride of love, and these two people crazy for each other have to figure out their deeper fears to have their happy ending. What I like about Rachel Lacey’s writing is her ability to be so eloquent with feelings and situations. The appearance of Ryan’s brother is as surprising and perfect as is his closure with Emma’s brother and his promise to take care of her. The placing of supportive characters, the banter and chemistry among the friends and the resident so Haven is a perfect blend of romance and pleasure to read, “Crazy For You”.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing), via NetGalley for an honest review.