The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch will rally together to protect their own and keep the evil out of their jurisdiction. And here’s another of Delores Fossen’s series as her simmering lawmen stand guard under the big Texas sky. From one series to another she creates romance filled with danger and suspense, captivating and spell binding stories of love, support and families.


Lucas Ryland has a lot of questions for his son’s mother. He may have saved Hailey Darrow from an accident, but her being in coma is not what he had expected, nor the fact that she’s missing from the hospital and he’s her only hope of protection. With the entire Ryland clan and the extended family in protection mode, Lucas needs to find answers fast to keep Hailey alive and dodge the bullets to even think of a future with her.

As a great computer hacker, Hailey Darrow had a good life and Lucas was her shining moment. But as conspiracies and betrayals come to light, she goes under protection but her identity is compromised. Now fighting for her life and come to terms that she had delivered a baby boy when she was in coma is hard to comprehend and the fire of passion still burns between her and Lucas.

As bullets fly, secrets come to light and family betrayals are exposed, Lucas and Hailey have to fight with their very breath to keep their son alive and not let Hailey sacrifice herself to keep her loved ones alive. With pages of action, doses of passion and family dynamics, “Lucas” is a fast paced read of suspense and tail spinning action that Delores Fossen is known for and delivers yet another thrilling ride.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Intrigue via NetGalley for an honest review.