The Billionaire Pierce Brothers sure know how to keep their lives super busy and interesting, and Jennifer Probst adds the needed spice and passion for her readers to fall in love with the Pierce brothers.


Book 2 of the series, “Any Time, Any Place” throws Raven Bella and Dalton Pierce together even as their parents’ past connects them, with severe consequences. Even as Raven tries to fight the attraction she feels for Dalton, her heart says otherwise. But with a past that connects them so closely, a fact that Dalton in unaware of, fate brings Dalton into Raven’s life as circumstances put him right in the middle of Raven’s bar and renovations.

Although I’m partial to the first book, “Everywhere And Every Way”, Dalton and Raven’s story has its own charm as they try to overcome the betrayal of their parents and the insecurities and fears of commitment and relationships. With doses of emotion and passion, with plenty of fears and insecurities of a normal person, “Any Time, Any Place” is another great love story by Jennifer Probst, with family dynamics, witty dialogues and fiery passion that would satisfy any reader.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocketbooks via Netgalley for an honest review.