I always enjoy reading Lori Foster! There’s something so very charming and captivating about her heroes and heroines, interesting plots and the crossover/spin off series are always my favorite.


Her latest series, “Body Armor” and I’m late getting to this series, is just as absorbing and delightful as her other stories. First in the series, “Under Pressure” has ex-MMA fighter Leese Phelps fighting to save his heart. After a rough past, he has managed to get to a point of respectability and make a good life as a bodyguard with Body Armor. And it looks like nothing can protect him from the sassy and on the run Catalina Nicholson.

With secrets that threaten to kill her, Catalina runs right into Leese as he saves her from being kidnapped. Never mind that Body Armor was hired to keep her safe, but as the truth comes out, it looks like Leese is going to keep Cat under lock and key literally and with proximity those sparks of attraction seem to ignite Leese and Cat.

I’ve always loved the way Lori Foster makes sure all bases are covered in her romances, be it supporting characters, closing loops and paying attention to details. I loved how she brings in the characters from her previous series and I thoroughly enjoy reading about them. A definite good read for me.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.