“The Bridal Squad” is an extension of “ The Friday Night Brides”…both standalone, and part of “The Enchanted Bride Series. So rest assures that if you haven’t read “The Friday Night Brides”, you can still enjoy “The Bridal Squad” on its own.


Having said that, Samantha Chase braved going on a different path with this story. So if you are expecting it to be a pure and pure love story, you will be disappointed and I’m going to be honest here, you’ll either like or hate it. But if you are familiar with Samantha’s books, and if you trust her creativity, this story is a good insight into Samantha’s writing prowess, not only as a romance writer, but also as an author who has the ability to be eloquent about human relationships, emotions and experiences.

Personally I loved this story!!! Four friends, with independent lives, battling the daily upheavals of life, with a friend on the verge of marriage, as another is on the fence of getting a divorce, a sister who has been battered with multiple breakups and a wanderlust friend trying to come to terms with a steady relationship. So many dynamics thrown into this amazing mixture we call relationship, it makes this story even more interesting to read.

“The Bridal Squad” is as practical as it can be, and as real as it can get, with friends finally being open about their feelings, sharing their fears and insecurities, and having each other’s back, despite their individual personalities…..and so very relatable with your own group of friends.

“The Bridal Squad” is one daunting story that is rich in friendship, strong characterization and deeply enriched with human emotions.

Received an ARC from Chasing Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.