I have to keep repeating myself that if anyone hasn’t read “The Naked Men” series, you are missing out on a fabulous and entertaining saga of love stories written by Christi Barth…. of five friends, blood brothers since teenagers, partners in death and life, bachelors who have fallen to their knees in love…and Christi Barth totally rocks these romances…. this is one series that I strongly vouch to be read!


The fourth “Naked Man” Riley Ness, the planner, the organizer, the guy who is anal about being ready for anything every single moment of his life, finally meets his match in Summer Sheridan, the gorgeous, the flighty, the lady who takes life head on with absolutely zero planning. And there’s absolutely no way of escaping each other, as they are part of the tight circle of friendship.

Polar opposites yet the sparks of attraction bring them together, diverse views as wide as the ocean, yet lust seems to keep them together, and with their outlook on life at two ends of the spectrum, the wholesomeness of their relationship seems to bind them together. Summer and Riley keep the readers entertained, “Trying It All” with their dynamic antics and verbal spars and the credit of plotting a smashing love story goes to Christi Barth. This is one author discovered that am totally in love with and look forward to reading her books.

The entire series should be read to enjoy these Naked Men, as they open up their hearts and feelings to the outside world, baring themselves to the world of their fears and insecurities, laying the fact that successful and rich men do have their own issues and that life is just one happy place because you have the money.

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group –Loveswept, via NetGalley for an honest review.