The Gallaghers of Montana have fallen and fallen hard and Dylan Gallagher is no exception. The last and single son of the clan, the eternal playboy and cowboy finally meets his match in the sweet and hard working ER surgeon Samantha Striker.


The doctor resists, the cowboy persists. The doctor deflects and the cowboy perseveres. Finally the doctor cracks and the cowboy swoops in a heartbeat. And when Dylan and Samantha officially becomes a couple, someone is not happy at all and will go over the edge to end their happiness.

It’s a really light hearted, warming and charming story of love. Dylan and Samantha make a precious couple, and throw in a generous mix of witty banter, supporting characters, “The Cowboy And The Doctor” by Eve Gaddy is a precious read.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.