Resident and bar owner, Bryson O’Sullivan of Wishing Well, Texas falls victim to the embers of passion and loses himself to the blazing love that erupts in his heart. But “Trusting Bryson” maybe a little bit of a hurdle for the new resident of Wishing Well, Kelsi Robbins, who just moved into town with her brother, and as his guardian.


Kelsi Robbins feels the sparks of attraction, but a painful past away from her brother has her walls up, and trying to mend the relationship with her brother has her fully occupied. Well for Bryson he’s found his forever and it’s just a matter of convincing Kelsi. When circumstance with her brother brings these two together, Bryson is not letting go of any opportunity to prove his love for Kelsi.

And as readers, “Trusting Bryson” is all that’s needed to enjoy this sweet romance along with enjoying the stunning cover!

The sister writer/author duo of Melanie and Shawna need no introduction. Pros at creating charming love stories that stoke the hearts of the readers; trust me when I say, you’ll have loads of fun, tingling sensations, heart palpitations and immense satisfaction of reading a good romance that warms the heart and brings immense pleasure.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.