The war between the Dragon Kings and the Dark Fae continues in the Dark Kings saga as the Dragon Kings try to put an end to the war and bring peace with the mortals. And as each Dragon King falls victim to the game of love, they have more to lose now than ever.


As the plot thickens and the secret of the Dragon Kings existence is blown open, Dragon King Anson is tasked with infiltrating the company that has been leaking their secrets and trying to convince one of the top personnel, Devon Abrams to cooperate has been a hardship on his heart.

As Devon and Anson give into their desire, getting kidnapped was not in their plan of action. As they battle the evils with their allies, slivers of secrets seem to burst open in this constant battle of revenge…. secrets that may lead to devastation. Yet in the midst of this mayhem, the “Blaze” of love is a welcome respite as the Dragon Kings mate with their forever.

I love the way Donna Grant has been leading this story, giving the Dragon Kings some love, yet keeping the crux of the plot very open with glimpses of what the future might be, slivers of secrets among the powers of the universe, a see-saw of emotions as foes are separated from allies, and courage and fears are put to the test.

“Blaze” has opened up some secrets and the plot thickens with suspense and anticipation as to what the next book would reveal.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.