……And Brooke Mathews knows with every beat of her heart, it’s a breathtaking transformation and she is in love with this scientist turned lover!

So sets the tone for Samantha Chase’s latest intro to the fifth Shaughnessy brother Owen Shaughnessy. Acclaimed and accredited scientist Owen always was the quiet Shaughnessy sibling, brilliant in his field yet ignorant of the gossip of the world, comfortable within his family domain, yet shy in the social glares, but all it takes is one nymphet Brooke Mathews to throw all his science out the window as his heart loses control.

A scientist versus an artist, absolution versus imagination, analytical versus creativity, poles apart yet perfect for each other, Owen and Brooke make the most beautiful and favorite couples of the Shaughnessys.

A Sky Full of Stars hi-res

I remember chatting with a friend a few weeks ago before reading “A Sky Full Of Stars” and telling her that this story would be Samantha Chase’s shining star of the series and she doesn’t disappoint at all. From creating Owen and Brooke, to being so very eloquent of the feelings of a shy person, to detailing the dynamics of the Shaughnessy family, she has done a brilliant job with this story.

The entire conversation between Owen and his twin Riley is the highlight of the book for me –

“You are a rock star, bro. No different than me-just in a different field.”

“Or don’t you remember what Mom used to call us? “Superman and Clark Kent”

“We are the same, Owen. You are just my mild-mannered alter-ego.”

And if this doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, the heart-to-heart conversation between Owen and his father Ian Shaughnessy is just pure genius. Do not miss reading one single word of these two conversations – so very emotional, caring, supportive and wish for a family as close knit and dynamic as the Shaughnessys.

“A Sky Full Of Stars” deserves so many more stars than what the night sky would hold and Samantha Chase definitely is shining as bright as the Sirius with this story!

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.