The very first few pages of “New Your Actually” give an insight into the writing prowess of Sarah Morgan. It is pure genius and truly orgasmic, setting the tone for New York’s most famous advice columnist Molly and the crusader of the underdogs, hiding behind a façade of cynical lawyer Daniel and their love story in the Big Apple.


Hiding away from the public after a nasty past, Molly is content with doling advise in cyber space, but how can she resist Daniel and his rented dog Brutus aka Ruffles!!! Well dogs meet, become friends forever, and now Daniel has to convince Molly that he is the person to love her forever and falling in love is nothing to run away from.

The entire story line is a kaleidoscope of wit, emotions, care, and love of two people accepting that love is for real, accepting the fact that new friends can be made and those very friends will stay by you through hurt, accepting the fact there a really good people in this world with genuine care and affection, and that mantle doesn’t entirely belong to only your loyal canine.

Sarah Morgan’s “From Manhattan With Love” series is utterly charming, whimsical and enchanting as the magic of New York spreads to the extended family. I thought “Miracle On 5th Avenue” was my favorite of the series so far, but “New York Actually” steals my heart…. for now. Now let’s see how Fliss and Seth fare their separation, reunion and more.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.