The final installment in the Wishing Well Series and will miss the Briggs siblings and the residents of Wishing Well. They have kept us entertained with their warmth care, humor and unconditional love.


With the oldest Briggs brother biting the bullet and finally giving into the seduction planned by Delilah Turner, with little resistance Sawyer Briggs was more than ready to show Delilah the desire, passion and love he had harbored for her for years.

Delilah is sweetheart of a person, fighting over her insecurities and fears, always a kind and a helping hand, never one to say no to anyone, she steals my heart with her personality and character. Sawyer as the oldest Briggs sibling, taking responsibility and handling the family, helping raise his siblings and supporting his mother, he is the kind of guy any parent would want for their daughter.

Throw in the meddling citizens of Wishing Well along with the family, and Sawyer never stood a chance against Operation “Seducing Sawyer”, which I must say is a sweet success!

I’ve always been amazed with the writing prowess of the sister writer/author duo of Melanie and Shawna. Their writing is seamless; their talent incorporated into creating some pretty charming love stories that stokes the hearts of the readers. Reading Melanie Shawn is just loads of fun, followed by tingling sensations, heart palpitations and intense satisfaction of reading a good romance that warms the heart and brings immense pleasure.

And the cover is gorgeous!!!!!!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.