Kyle Ames: Seduction. Pursuit

Hannah McIntire: Enticement. Temptation

And Sapphire Falls is witness to another romance. This time it is their very own and lovable doctor Kyle Ames and the woman who had left him a couple of years ago, Hannah McIntire and who is now back in Sapphire giving him nightmares of the erotic kind!


Well-laid plans go awry. Kyle’s game of seduction and Hannah’s supposedly rejection of his pursuit falls apart as they both know that the love they feel for each other was never erased. With the “supportive” and “gentle” nudging of his friends, with romantic grandmothers thrown into the equation of bringing these two together, Kyle and Hannah never stood a chance of getting separated a second time round.

Erin Nicholas does what she is the best at; writing charismatic love stories in Sapphire Falls, a quintessential town with some sexy alphas and sassy heroines, lovable and warm elders and extended family that come for a visit and succumb to the magic of Sapphire Falls. What always gets me with her stories is her depth of portraying relationships. Be it humor and fun, love and care, support and friendship, they are all so well placed and eloquently written, it is very hard not to laugh and cry, sigh and gasp, frown and pout with her characters.

“After You” is a story of pursuit and seduction for Kyle and Hannah. And for the readers an enticement and temptation they can’t avoid.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.