You want a dark and exciting romantic suspense read, then Cynthia Eden is the go-to author. And it’s just not plain horrific evil; her villains are super smart, twisted and pros at mind games, making her books one of the best thrillers to read.

Latest in her Killer Instinct Series, “Before The Dawn”, brings Tucker Frost to his one and only woman he had ever loved and lost, Dawn Alexander. Surviving victim of the evil Frost sibling, Dawn had endured unimaginable torture by Jason Frost, before she can escape him when Tucker kills his brother to save his love. Ten years later and with a serial killer on the loose, imitating Jason Frost, Dawn needs some immense courage and strength to face the threat to her life.


Betrayal separated Tucker and Dawn, and now death brings them together and a serial killer is playing hide and seek as he freezes his victims alive. Emotions run high, lust permeates deep and the love and trust between Tucker and Dawn is the saving grace and may very well protect them from death.

I love when thrillers are just not gory and violent, but have a scintillating mind game in play. Cynthia Eden is exemplary in that field and I just love her characters. She gives equal depth and layers to the good as well as the bad, to make her stories so very brilliant. The suspense keeps us captivated, the adrenaline is high to keep us on the edge of the seats and Tucker and Dawn are partner to cheat death to have a future.

“Before The Dawn” should be read to enjoy the brilliance of the plot, the characters that will become one of our favorites and the narration that is tight and it is always a pleasure to have Samantha Beck visit.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for an honest review.