Every time I hear a book of Cynthia Eden’s is coming out, a chill races my spine, goose bumps pay a visit and the anticipation of waiting, reading and enjoying her fast paced romantic suspense is an adrenaline rush of pure orgasmic pleasure.


Her latest and greatest series, “Lazarus Rising” will leave you wanting for more of the brilliant plot evolving around the super soldiers. First in the series, “Never Let Go” will defy the very adage of ‘till death do us apart’, as the brilliant and amazing Dr. Elizabeth Parker works on a formula that beats death, but at a loss of the only man she loves, Sawyer Cage.

Sawyer Cage was resurrected from the dead, becoming a super enhanced soldier. Betrayed by the people he works for and a life he doesn’t remember, Elizabeth Parker ignites feelings of hope of a life that was and can be now. Escaping the confines of the Lazarus compound, Sawyer and his friend Flynn will lay down their indestructible lives to protect the ones they love.

An impressive start to a new series, Cynthia Eden does not leave a chance to be disappointed with her latest release. It only builds the anticipation of what the future is going to be for these super soldiers, as they battle the dark forces. There are secrets galore, suspense and romance add a radiant intensity, and Sawyer and Elizabeth bring the fireworks with their glorious chemistry and a promise to “Never Let Go” of each other.

There’s so much I want to rave about this book, but reading is so much more satisfying and a definite must read!!!

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.