Lindsay McKenna is one of the best military romance writers that I’ve come across and some of her books are immensely memorable and have revisited numerous times. Along with badass soldiers, she also writes some great badass cowboy stories.


Book 4 in the Wind River Valley series, gives us another glimpse into the life of army veterans, their service and courage, survival and betrayal, and the acclimating into the norm of everyday life. “Wrangler’s Challenge” is another such story of marine veteran Dair Wilson as she comes into the fold of Bar C Ranch, to start fresh.

Having lost her leg to an IED, Dair is so much more comfortable with the four-legged animals than the humans. There is still a black void in her mind as to the events that had taken away her team and her leg. And as the author say, “Healing like love, takes time”.

Noah Mabry is the animal whisperer of the Bar C Ranch and with Dair assisting him everyday, it’s inevitable for the attraction to reach the point of love. With the utmost patience and compassion, Noah guides Dair through her dark moments and when her life is threatened by a past that impaired her, he’ll lay his life down for Dair.

This was one emotional story of despair and trauma, support, compassion and empathy that gives these brave vets hope and faith that all is not lost in their fight to survive after war. This story is a testimony to the fact that there are people out there who care about others and who are willing to give unconditionally.

As always, Lindsay McKenna does another great job at a story filled with warmth, support, compassion, courage and love.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via Net Galley for an honest review.