If I thought “From Manhattan With Love”, was a fabulous love story of Felicity Knight and Seth Carlyle, wait until you read her twin sister, Harriet Knight’s walk into the sunset with her doctor Ethan Black…it’s just stunning!!!!


Sarah Morgan’s latest and up coming, “Moonlight Over Manhattan” is just as magical and mystical as the festive Christmas time in the Big Apple. The kindest, the sweetest, and the shy Harriet Knight wants to go through the “Challenge Harriet” and go beyond her comfort zone, a challenge that lands her in the ER and to the existence of ER doctor Ethan Black.

Circumstances and a dog bring Harriet and Ethan under one roof, long conversations and dog training brings them close, and the attraction and lust brings them under the same covers. But the beauty of this love story is in the conversations, the brilliant chemistry between Ethan and Harriet, the emotional and kind interactions between Harriet and her world of people, and the courage and empathy of making new friends as Ethan and Harriet navigate the delicate lanes of love and relationship.

“Moonlight Over Manhattan” is a must read to savor the magic of romance, the mysteries of relationship, the spectrum of fears and insecurities, and the support of friendship and family. Words and reviews don’t do justice, and make sure every word is read to enjoy this beautiful love story.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.