Cynthia Eden’s Lazarus Rising series follows the lives of enhanced super soldiers, created to from death to kill. Victims of a crazy Lazarus experiment, Maddox Kane is hunting Luna to save her from being terminated. Luna is on the run from an unknown threat, her powers of giving memories back to the soldiers making her one of the most powerful enhanced soldier.


Maddox Kane always had his eyes on Luna and he will kill anyone that comes across his path in protecting her. The sparks fire up into fiery passion with death and betrayal shadowing their every move. Teaming with the rest of the soldiers to face the threats, Maddox and Luna have their backs protected. And as always re-visiting the previous characters is always a pleasure.

Another fast paced romantic suspense narration from Cynthia Eden; “Lie Close To Me” is another great read for Eden’s fans. With every book, there are so many connections and secrets harbored in these stories, making the series pretty captivating and scintillating. Another great thriller from Cynthia Eden!

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.