Today is where their story begins…the rest is “Unwritten”.

That is the premise of Rachel Lacey’s latest in her new series, Rock Star Duet. A pop-start meets a Spanish professor, helping rescue her dogs, and the rest they say is history. The unsuspecting professor Josh Randall is thrown into the limelight as he realizes that his newfound friend is the infamous pop sensation Katherine Hayes. Despite their worlds being apart, friendship grows, sparks flare and passion ignites between the sheets.


“Unwritten” is a stunning love story of a celebrity, hungry for a normal life, battling the rumors and hounds of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, overcoming personal demons and standing strong in the midst of media frenzy, the good and the bad, she never in her dreams imagined Josh Randall becoming her sanity and support. Katherine Hayes as that persona is an outstanding character created by Rachel Lacey.

Living a normal and quite life, having suffered a personal loss and trying to move on yet not able to let his love free, Josh Randall is the epitome of a regular guy going about his job on the other end of the spectrum. A son, uncle and a friend, he never imagined his life being tied with Katherine Hayes, and for her to become a person of interest to his heart…. her dogs, her baggage and her nightmares.

I have followed Rachel Lacey since her very first foray into writing, read every book of hers, and I can say with certainty that with “Unwritten”, she had penned her best novel so far. Her development as a writer, her innate portrayal of Katherine Hayes and Josh Randall, her deep understanding of the dynamics of various relationships and her brilliant narration of the story with emotion, betrayal and love is a true mark of her penmanship and her creative best.

The cover of “Unwritten” is as stunning as the story itself!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.