The Westerly Billionaires are getting interesting by each story with Hollywood superhero Eric Westerly getting into the crosshairs of love.  Hiding behind a mask of a superhero, Eric is trying to come to terms with the dynamics of a family torn apart by deception and betrayal. He may have millions, but with his life in shambles as he tries to keep his feet grounded from near death, Sage Revere may be his only salvation.


Plant psychologist/happiness therapist meet Hollywood hero, hiding in his Bat cave! Poles apart in their careers and lifestyles, Sage and Eric connect at the most basic level of attraction, empathy and as soulmates.

“Hollywood Heir” is definitely an interesting read as Sage discovers the real person behind the mask and Eric sees life through Sage’s eyes. Throw in some interesting secondary characters and family, you’ve got a funny romantic Hollywood story!

As always, Melody Anne does not disappoint with her love story!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.