Year 2018 has been a tremendous year for our family! From the rock bottom of variables that life has thrown at us, we have managed to stay together, hold steadfast and the support of our extended family only cemented our determination to overcome speed bumps for a better future.


We’ve lost a father, and gained a new family member of the four legged variety, Alaska, who just happened to give my husband and me a glimpse of our future of being empty nesters! For my husband to have a dog in the house, (having had a traumatic experience with a dog when young), his daughters’ happiness was more important than his fear of dogs…kudos to the amazing DAD!!! Needless to say, Alaska’s favorite place seems to be my husband’s spot on the couch!!!! Talk about bonding and testing each other’s boundaries 😉


Children of the family had an exciting year of visits from relatives, domestic and international travel, meeting with grandparents, reconnecting with cousins, aunts and uncles not seen for a few years. A visit to “The Taj Mahal” has been voted worth the trouble of all the travel! They are growing, learning, nurturing and becoming beautiful young independent ladies and we are proud to be their parents.


Year 2018 has been a whirlwind of milestones on a personal level; twenty five years of wedded ups and downs, professional lives on the path of permanence and appreciations, reconnecting with siblings and relatives. As we grow older, lifestyles change, thoughts and opinions may differ, but the past doesn’t matter anymore as we see a brighter future with family to share the good and the bad. We are forever grateful that the Year 2018 had been kind, benevolent and fruitful personally and professionally.


As we step into 2019, there’s no point in wondering if we can go back in time to change things. Regrets should be the foundation to advocate betterment and memories, strength and courage to move forward. Living in our present, working on things in our control, communicating with our loved ones, cherishing the small moments of happiness is the stepping stone to a wonderful future.

Here’s wishing everyone a year of kindness and happiness, yearning for a year of peace and harmony, aspiring for a year of prosperity and success, and hoping Year 2019 will upstage 2018 with positivity, faith and hope.