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Don’t recall reading Caitlin Crews before, and seems that I am late to reading her Kittredge series, and ended up reading the last in this series, and I have to say am pleasantly surprised that I liked the story as well as the author, Caitlin Crews.

Spending “Summer Nights With A Cowboy”, Zack Kittredge, who also happens to be the Sheriff of Cold River, was definitely not in the traveling nurse Janie Atwood‘s plan. But then fate always throws in a lasso of a twist, and from trying to discover her roots, Janie ends up falling in love with Zack. Janie was never a part of his plan, but Zack will definitely protect his town and his spunky neighbor Damaris, from any harm. All it takes is some charm lessons, friendly conversations, and honesty for Janie and Zac to give their spark of attraction a chance to fire a future with each other.

I liked that Caitlin Crews gives more page time to Janie a chance to discover her past and come to terms with it, at the same time resolving family dynamics among the Kittredges. A heartwarming read.

Received an ARC from St.Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

I have to thank Jennifer Ryan, (one of my favorite authors), for recommending Jay Crownover with the second book “Unforgiven”. I was hooked and ended up reading “Unforgiven” and “Justified” in one sitting, and pre-ordered “Blacklisted” in the same stretch!

I loved the Lawtons as it is, but the tiny peak of Palmer “Shot” Caldwell had me waiting in anticipation to get to know him and the quite, yet resilient Dr. Presley Baskin. And I am not disappointed at all!! In fact I loved this story even more than the other two. “Blacklisted” by others he may be, misjudged and prejudiced by the public he may be, but all that matters is what’s in your heart, and the love and care of the select few you can trust your life with. Palmer Caldwell has a soul and kindness in abundance hiding underneath that tough exterior.

Palmer has the lovely Presley in his corner, and he never would have thought that his heart would actually beat with love for a woman. There is so much depth and emotion in this relationship, and Jay did a stupendous job creating these characters with so much thought and layers. 

It’s a wonderful, wonderful book not to be missed. And now Jay Crownover is on my top list of authors to watch out for. 

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.

Year 2018 has been a tremendous year for our family! From the rock bottom of variables that life has thrown at us, we have managed to stay together, hold steadfast and the support of our extended family only cemented our determination to overcome speed bumps for a better future.


We’ve lost a father, and gained a new family member of the four legged variety, Alaska, who just happened to give my husband and me a glimpse of our future of being empty nesters! For my husband to have a dog in the house, (having had a traumatic experience with a dog when young), his daughters’ happiness was more important than his fear of dogs…kudos to the amazing DAD!!! Needless to say, Alaska’s favorite place seems to be my husband’s spot on the couch!!!! Talk about bonding and testing each other’s boundaries 😉


Children of the family had an exciting year of visits from relatives, domestic and international travel, meeting with grandparents, reconnecting with cousins, aunts and uncles not seen for a few years. A visit to “The Taj Mahal” has been voted worth the trouble of all the travel! They are growing, learning, nurturing and becoming beautiful young independent ladies and we are proud to be their parents.


Year 2018 has been a whirlwind of milestones on a personal level; twenty five years of wedded ups and downs, professional lives on the path of permanence and appreciations, reconnecting with siblings and relatives. As we grow older, lifestyles change, thoughts and opinions may differ, but the past doesn’t matter anymore as we see a brighter future with family to share the good and the bad. We are forever grateful that the Year 2018 had been kind, benevolent and fruitful personally and professionally.


As we step into 2019, there’s no point in wondering if we can go back in time to change things. Regrets should be the foundation to advocate betterment and memories, strength and courage to move forward. Living in our present, working on things in our control, communicating with our loved ones, cherishing the small moments of happiness is the stepping stone to a wonderful future.

Here’s wishing everyone a year of kindness and happiness, yearning for a year of peace and harmony, aspiring for a year of prosperity and success, and hoping Year 2019 will upstage 2018 with positivity, faith and hope.


I started off my first review of the Grey Justice Series “Nothing To Lose”, with the following –

“Funny thing about humans is, at our best we can be the most noble of animals, but if not governed by law and justice, some tend to become the monsters of all monsters! Money, power and fame are not vices in the right hands, but once they get into the monsters’ hands, and innocent lives are at stake, it’s a different ball game.” A ball game that doesn’t differentiate between family and the community.


And the domino affect of this is the premise of Christy Reece’s Gray Justice Series, as it follows the Slaters and their rise from ashes of evil to a life of redemption and love, with the powerful Grey Justice at the helm, and to protect and serve and bring justice to the innocents that are pawns in the evil game of power, cartels and supremacy.

Exonerating the false charges that landed Johan Slater in prison, sharing the same DNA of a monster father and a sibling that have been slain to ashes, Jonah Slater is flying on the wings of vengeance to bring justice to his murdered fiancée. Keeping Gabriella Mendoza safe from her cartel family is just another job to keep him occupied, never realizing that destiny is in his home. And he falls in love with a warrior woman, with a kind and tender heart.

Planning her own abduction from her cartel family takes courage and patience and Gabriella has been trained very well to endure and wait for the right moment. An act that is supported and run by Justice and the consequences of it lands her in the protection of Jonah Slater, before she can be acclimated into a new life with a new identity. The pain, the horror and the torture that Gabby endures in the hands of her carter family is unfathomable and she manages to escape with her positivity still intact.

Jonah Slater is intimidatingly large, surly and on occasion quite rude, and Gabby found him both fascinating and enormously attractive.”

Gabriella Mendoza had courage and them some! She was going to need every bit of it to deal with what came next.”

And that pretty much sums up these amazing characters created by Christy Reece. “Too Far Gone” is Gabriella’s story of survival, courage, tenacity, and patience, all wrapped up in a package of kindness, affection and selflessness. “Too Far Gone” is evil for Jonah and he’ll protect what belongs to him with his last breath.

And let me assure you that each book can be read as a standalone, but what fun is it not knowing how and where it had all begun…

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

I have to blame this hot and kind cowboy for enjoying his story so much. Logan McCord’s future may have gone down the clown’s ass, but it only paved the way to his real life partner Reese Stephens. A one-night stand to drown their sorrows leaves them longing for more, but fate says it’s time for a separation.


Yet destiny brings Reese back into Logan’s life and his hometown. But with Reese also comes a past that has tainted her whole life forcing her to move from one place to another. The attraction between Logan and Reese gives her a hope for laying down roots, yet her past and Logan’s ex seem to make it a bit difficult for them.

I think this is by far one of Delores’s best book I’ve read. Granted I love all her books, but “Blame It On The Cowboy” for the extra pizzazz, extra charisma and extra chemistry that had me falling in love with Logan and Reese. Reese is one heck of a courageous girl, smiling in the face of adversity, always putting others ahead of her, always with a helping hand and a kind heart. And Logan is the quintessential cowboy with a heart of gold, protecting his loved ones and dealing with his meddling siblings.

The entire story was fast paced, Reese’s best friend is a riot, intense passion and witty dialogues are a treasure to enjoy, and the chemistry between Logan and Reese is fabulous considering they are fictional characters and all that credit goes to Delores Fossen as she gives us another entertaining love story.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Intrigue via NetGalley for an honest review.

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