Don’t recall reading Caitlin Crews before, and seems that I am late to reading her Kittredge series, and ended up reading the last in this series, and I have to say am pleasantly surprised that I liked the story as well as the author, Caitlin Crews.

Spending “Summer Nights With A Cowboy”, Zack Kittredge, who also happens to be the Sheriff of Cold River, was definitely not in the traveling nurse Janie Atwood‘s plan. But then fate always throws in a lasso of a twist, and from trying to discover her roots, Janie ends up falling in love with Zack. Janie was never a part of his plan, but Zack will definitely protect his town and his spunky neighbor Damaris, from any harm. All it takes is some charm lessons, friendly conversations, and honesty for Janie and Zac to give their spark of attraction a chance to fire a future with each other.

I liked that Caitlin Crews gives more page time to Janie a chance to discover her past and come to terms with it, at the same time resolving family dynamics among the Kittredges. A heartwarming read.

Received an ARC from St.Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.