Rachel Lacey starts a new series, Ms. Right, with the first book titled “Read Between The Lines”, with Rosie Taft and Jane Breslin navigating their love story. Book addict and bookstore owner Rosie Taft meets her online friend and favorite author Brie in the persona of Jane Breslin wherein her Dad’s company is responsible for demolishing the building that houses Rosie’s store. After several misunderstandings, insecurities and dates leads to Rosie and Jane finding their happily ever after. 

Somehow “Read Between The Lines”, did not deliver to me the complete prowess of Rachel Lacey. It is a good read albeit the chemistry and intensity that I normally enjoy in her books. I wish she had given more depth to her characters Rosie and Jane, and developed their relationship with more maturity as mature women. I actually had more fun with Lia than Jane and Rosie. But I also have to give credit to the way she played out the outing of Brie to her family. Seemed very practical and realistic. 

It’s a good romance read for sure and most readers would definitely enjoy the story. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading it, but I missed the Rachel Lacey magic that I enjoyed in her previous books.

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.