Any book by Lisa Marie Rice is a reading pleasure and it’s been a long while since I get to read her again. Although I keep visiting her Midnight series multiple times – chicken soup for the soul!

Eve Banner just doesn’t know it,  but she is definitely “Taken” by Marcus Rey. It’s just a small matter of Marcus letting Eve become aware of this fact, who happens to own his heart and soul. And of course considering that Marcus came from nothing and now is a billionaire running all things legitimate, he’s sure to have made some enemies and Eve gets into the crosshairs of this very evil instigated by her father.

I really liked the characters Eve and Marcus, but what I missed was the development of their relationship. There is  charisma, but lacked the fire that I always find between the pages of Lisa Marie’s books. I missed the chemistry of building a relationship between Eve and Marcus. The ending was a welcome twist, but that begged the question as to why the story not happen in the shadows incognito. I would have loved to see their relationship growing, getting to know each other, fall in love, get in each other’s lives, and the whole nine yards.

It’s worth a read, but I’m not “Taken” as I am with the Midnight series. 

Received an ARC from the author via NetGalley for an honest review.