Can’t miss a Susan Stoker book at all!

Her new series Game Of Chance starts off with the “The Protector” with Riggs Chapman, the ever protector no matter what the circumstances are. In comes a damsel in distress, Carlise Edwards, her guardian stray dog leading the protector her way.

Two strangers under one roof, empathy and care take a root, emotions and attraction spark a fire, and danger and love cement their feelings for each other.

Four friends, survivors of enemy captivity, an unbreakable bond of trust and heart, a dream that seeded as POW, to own a business in a quiet little town and help the innocent as they run Jack’s Lumber, a premise for Susan Stoker’s new series.

As always, Susan does not disappoint, and leaves a satisfied reader!

Received an ARC from Montlake, via NetGalley