“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw ~ 

Planting roots and making a life for herself, is Morgan Albright’s desire. With a house to her name, two satisfying jobs, friends and family as her support, Morgan is cruising life and enjoying finding herself in the process. A chance encounter with a stranger whom she likes, a normal occurrence of a relationship that she hopes may lead to something more, actually transcends to extremely tragic circumstances. Morgan not only loses her best friend, but also her life as she is stripped off of her life, her goals and her identity.

Identity theft is such a common and devastating occurrence in our current world, and reinventing yourself is no mean task. With the help of her mother and her grandmother, Morgan realizes what happened to her is not what she is, but what she chooses to become now, will be her identity. Creating a new life, takes immense courage and strength and Morgan has that in spades. 

“Identity” is a psychological thriller, following Morgan’s struggle to create a new life, staying one step ahead of a pathological killer, having faith to trust and embrace love. Roping in Miles Jameson to support Morgan with her struggle, sparking honesty and love, binding her with relationships, giving her the confidence to believe in planting roots again, is testament of the fact that there are good and kind people in this world.

Any story by Nora Roberts is always topnotch with narration, plot and incorporating intense research. Peppered with witty dialogues, springing a love story amidst danger, developing relationships and giving characters a chance to create themselves, “Identity” is an extraordinary story 

Received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.