Whatever books I’ve read of Maisey Yates, have been fun, lighthearted and warm. So “The Billionaire’s Intern” sure did catch me off guard and I like the dark side of Maisey Yates too.


Book one of “The Forbidden Series” is dark, intense and fiery in its narration. She brings back Logan Black literally from the dead and for Logan; the world is for his taking. Shipwrecked and surviving on an island for four years before he made it to the mainland, leaves Logan with enough nightmares. Keeping himself locked in his ivory tower he can neither escape the guilt nor the blood that is on his hands. And Addison may very well be his only salvation.

Witness to her corrupt father’s assassination leaves Addison Treffen in a cloak of scandal that alienates her from finishing college, friends and her life. Knowing her father was responsible for heinous crimes and flesh trade drowns Addison into sadness of a man who was a monster, yet a father to her. Wanting to escape the ghosts of her past brings her to Logan Black as his assistant.

Sparks fly, empathy surfaces and love blossoms, yet Logan and Addison have a lot of pain, fear and insecurities to face before they can make a future. Maisey Yates does a good penmanship of Addison and Logan as two individuals trying to swim against the depth of emotions and find a shallow landing to give their love a chance to survive.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review