I don’t remember ever reading a book of Roxanne St. Claire that ever disappointed me. Be it the Bullet Catcher Series, the Barefoot Billionaires and now the Barefoot Brides.

The third book in the Barefoot Brides Series, “Barefoot In Pearls” is just another testament to her writing prowess – a love story steeped in emotion, passion and the trials and tribulations of falling in love, and accepting that love.

Arielle Chandler always believed that she would come across her “The One”, a belief that’s ingrained in her with her Native American heritage. Although with her two best friends finding their happily-ever-after, she wonders if there is really “The One” out there for her. But then love mows her down when she least expects it, and Luke literally barges into her heart.


Years of living the life of a mercenary warrior has taken its toll on Luke McBain, and he wants nothing more than to start fresh, building a new life as well as his construction business. What he never anticipated is running into the enigmatic and intuitive Arielle, putting a wrench into his plans of building a new life, alone.

Despite Ari putting a break in his plans of constructing on a sacred burial ground, Luke cannot put a stop to the growing sparks of passion between them, and even as Ari fights him every step of the way, she cannot but help fall in love with Luke. The practical Luke and intuitive Ari, poles apart in personalities succumb to their growing attraction even as a dangerous twist may tear them apart.

Roxanne as always, does a fine job giving Ari her own “The One” in the sexy Luke, and a love story that leaves her readers feeling so very charmed and dazzled. “Barefoot In Pearls” is a wonderful and heartwarming love story, rich in sentiment and friendship.

Received an ARC from the writer for an honest review.