Paranormal can be very addictive and enticing reads and Laurie London’s short novella “Enticed By Blood” is just that, tempting and enticing.


Juliette Bishop comes face to face with her former lover Andre Lescarbeau when she comes to New Orleans to take care of business on her father’s behalf when he falls ill. One night between Juliette and Andre has left both with unforgettable memories. Juliette feels betrayed as she thinks Andre was cheating on his wife, and Andre has a secret that seen the light of day would destroy him and his love.

As they both get stormed in, evil forces are out to destroy Andre and Juliette gets in the crosshairs of death. As secrets come to light, her love for Andre is put to test and Andre has to trust Juliette with his secret and his heart.

Super short novella yet very captivating and intense, “Enticed By Blood” will keep you entertained and hooked and Laurie London sure can keep her readers enthralled with her short novellas or her regular length books. She is another cool paranormal writer and I enjoy her books a lot.

This is part of the Sweet Blood Vampire Series and was originally published in the Mammoth Book Of Southern Gothic Romance.

Received and ARC from the author for an honest review.