It’s not like I’m not familiar with Lucy Monroe’s books. In fact I enjoy her stories and have been reading her on and off for a while.

AVirginForHisPrize-LucyMonroe-Oct 2014

Unfortunately “A Virgin For His Prize”, second book in her Ruthless Russians Series, just did not stimulate my juices as much as her earlier books. Maxwell Black is a wealthy Russian, hell bent on possessing the society heiress Romi Grayson. Not believing in happily ever after, love or long-term relationships, he goes about trying to get Romi via blackmail. Romi is extremely attracted to Black and has already made up her mind to accept the proposal despite, Black not declaring his love for her.

There is too much dialogue and less substance in the story. It’s not like I’m averse to dialogue, but they have to be witty, interesting and hold attention to make it a good read. The characters lacked depth, as well as chemistry. Lots of time it felt like I was reading a monologue. Sorry! The premise of the story had great potential; unfortunately it lacked the conviction to harness that story line.

I haven’t read the first book An Heiress For His Empire, which I plan on giving it a shot anyways despite this book not making it happen for me, because Monroe is a good writer and I will go back to her books.

Received and ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review