I like Alannah Lynne and so do her work and am loving her now! I’ve read one of her books in the Heat Wave Series (Saving Me) and have re-visited it a few times. She’s got good presence of writing and her narration is worth reading.

‘Matter Of Time’ (Book 5/Heat Wave Series) doesn’t disappoint at all. Lizbeth Sanders and Logan Steele had been together in college, but circumstances tear them apart and send them on a journey to opposite ends of a life.


But it’s only a “Matter Of Time” before Logan and Liz come together. Sixteen years is what it takes to bring them face-to-face. Sixteen years hasn’t even scratched the surface of the love they have for each other and sixteen years later brings them together with deeper love and intense passion for each other. A second chance at love and a second chance to make a future that was denied to them, Liz and Logan need to get to know each other all over again and make time for the lives they have created in the time apart.

‘Matter Of Time’ is an enigmatic story of reuniting with that first love and rekindling the passion and desire between two fabulous characters meant to be together. Alannah is very good with creating her characters with so much depth and individuality, and infusing emotions of pain, love and patience that tugs at our heartstrings is no simple matter. Lizbeth is just an amazingly courageous and lovable person and Logan will pull at your heartstrings as he struggles to balance a family and new life with Lixbeth.

With secondary characters making their presence felt and tempting to read their stories, Alannah keeps her readers interested and vested in Logan and Liz.

A definite winner for me and definitely in my list of repeat authors!!!

Received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.