Yonder And Beyond

Memories Far Bond

From Childhood To Adult

Remembrances Exult.

She Cuddles And Snuggles

Brings Chocolate And Chuckles

Walked Me To School

With Annoyance And Rule.

A Woman She Became

With Fire And Flame

A Daughter And A Sister

Pseudo Doctor Is A Twister.

A Wife And A Friend

A Confidant To Depend

Endurance Is Thy Name

Patience Is Her Aim.

Unjust Is Life

Sadness Is Rife

Sparkles But In Eye

Zeal And Zest So High.

Fulfillment Is Every Step

Conquers World In Hep

Ming Dynasty Her Claim

Experiments All To Shame

Abundance Of Love

Fills Heart As A Glove

Words Fall Short

Holds She The Court.

Elegant And Noble

Lady Of The Global

Footprints She Leaves

Family She Believes.

Dedicated to Aravinda Makineni – An amazing and classy lady who charms her way into hearts, and I’ve the honor of being related to her – a force to reckon and an inspiration to all.

Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli, February 18, 2015