I’ve always liked Sarah Morgan and her sweet romantic stories. They are charming as the fuzzies of romance, deep with emotions and intensity and characters that take you on a roller coaster ride of laughter and tears.

Lily Rose believes in love to the very end of her soul. Despite being an orphan and tossed around, despite being bitten and betrayed, despite being a sick and unwanted child, she believes in fairy tale love and happy endings. Archeologist by daytime and moon-lighting as a cleaner to pay her student loans, she is one heck of a sweet, lovable, positive person, who cannot keep from talking nineteen to the dozen if her life depended on it…. and is all alone!


Enters Nik Zervakis, her infamous Greek playboy/billionaire employer and their first time encounter is wet and hot! Nik Zervakis is anti-family, anti-emotions, anti-love, and runs in the opposite direction of any woman who sheds a tear. But Lily stops him in his tracks and he agrees to be her rebound sex toy and teach her how to wear Kevlar vest to ward off emotions, love and pain.

An agreement of just sex takes Nik and Lily on a journey of turbulent emotions as both try to get over a painful past and belong with each other. Nik fights hard not to fall in love, and Lily is just looking to become someone’s favorite person, for a lifetime. Rules get thrown out the window and the heart rules this game of love.

“Playing By The Greek’s Rules” is a charismatic story of rib tickling dialogues, of empathy and support and getting past barriers for a future together. There were sections of Lily’s past that tears you up, yet keeps a smile on the lips with her enthusiasm and zest for life.

And hello Puffin Island – here we come!!!!

A wonderful start to her new “Puffin Island Series”

Received an ARC from Harlequin vi NetGalley for an honest review.