Another charming new series by Sarah Morgan, “From Manhattan With Love” takes the readers on a carriage ride of romance in the city of New York, as three friends try to make a life in the Big Apple, pulsing with energy and dreams.


First in the series, “Sleepless In Manhattan” sure gives Paige Walker sleepless nights as she loses her current job in a New York minute! But not one to lay still, an organizer and a go-getter, Paige decides to start her own event planner business with her two friends. Then again having lived a young life of in and out of hospitals, insecurities and fears always shadow her. And here comes the hero Jake Roman0, childhood friend, crush and her brother’s best friend, motivating her, disarming her and riling her to get her dream fulfilled.

Self made billionaire, Jake Romano has overcome childhood abandonment, raised by a loving adopted mother, and he’d worked hard to get to the pinnacle of his success. Supportive and caring of his friends, Paige is his beating heart and he would do anything to keep her protected and help with her success.

As the flare of passion between them reaches fruition, so does Sarah Morgan’s penning of Paige and Jake’s love story. Full of wit and humor, quirks and fears, insecurities and determination, Sarah portrays it all in full glory. Rich with emotions, strong in friendship and passionate in its romance, “Sleepless In Manhattan” is an ultra charming start to the series.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.