Jesse Morales and Cameron Becker sure left me shaken with unexpected feelings of race and discrimination and of a young couple coping with so many boundaries and a judgmental society. Not that Sylvie Fox takes her readers on a detailed path on that subject, but her characters are inter-racial and she sure brings out the cultural differences that can cause two wonderful people go separate ways.


Having chosen her career and family over her marriage a few years ago, an earthquake in LA brings Jesse and her estranged husband together as Cam saves Jesse stuck in a broken elevator. Love and desire was never a problem between them, but the chains of cultural differences and family obligations have driven a wedge between these two.

Now that he’s come face to face with his wife, LAPD Detective Cameron has no intention of signing the divorce papers. Jesse was his once, and will always be. Once they were young, but now both have matured enough to think things through in a different light and give their marriage another shot. Yes they have a lot issues and insecurities to overcome, but if love and trust can stay strong, then it is only a matter of time to overcome problems in a relationship.

Having never read Sylvie Fox before and with no expectations for the story, “Shaken” is a pretty good read. She does a fine job of creating two diverse characters bound by their beliefs and culture. And as the years rolled by, these two characters shed layers as they develop and mature in their outlook and thoughts. I thought it started off a bit slow, but just a few pages in and it kept me pretty interested to finish reading in one setting.

“Shaken” (LA Nights Series, Book 3) is a definite good read!

Received an ARC from Penner Media Group LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.